Acceptance Process

Acceptance Steps

The Army HBCU/MI SPARK has three acceptance steps. Interns must successfully cross each step to be accepted into the program as an Army HBCU/MI SPARK intern. The first step is the verification of the application, step two is the application review and interviews by the mentors, and the final step is to obtain a successful background investigation.

Step one is completed by Team Chitra. Step two is completed by the Army participating laboratories. Step three is completed in partnership with the intern, Army security personnel, and Team Chitra. 

Step 1: Verification of the Application
To cross over the first step, applicants must be deemed as eligible for the program. This includes checking the applicant’s transcript, resume, essays, citizenship, GPA, and the other eligibility requirements which can be found on the “Program Details” page of this website. All eligibility requirements must be met to move to step two.
Step 2: Mentor Application Review
Once an applicant has successfully crossed over the first step, they are then in line to climb the next step, Mentor Application Review. Mentors from participating laboratories will review the applications and conduct interviews with potential interns. Please note that not every applicant will receive an interview and all applicants who are interviewed are not guaranteed acceptance.

The mentors recommend program acceptance and will have the potential intern sign a Mentor/Student Agreement Letter (MSA). Please note that applicants should sign only ONE MSA. If two mentors provide an MSA for one student, the MSA the administrator receives first will be considered the mentor moving forward with that student. To move to step 3, the mentor must submit a signed MSA to the program administrator.
Step 3: Successful Background Investigation
Once an intern has completed steps one and two, they can then begin onboarding as an intern and start their background investigation. Through a collaboration between the intern, the Army security office, and Team Chitra the student will be helped through obtaining fingerprints and the completion of the security forms. If the intern does not receive a favorable background check, they cannot move forward with the program. Please note that some background investigations take longer than others.

Applicants must complete all three stages.


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